Topic: Article on Master Blaster VR game

The New Indian Express in Thiruvananthapuram wrote an exclusive feature on our Master Blaster VR Cricket Game. The article focuses on how Tiltlabs is forging ahead in bringing Virtual Reality to real life when real playgrounds are shrinking or being taken over by malls and businesses.

Master Blaster VR is a cricket simulator where users can play an exciting game of cricket in the comfort of their homes. Since the game uses VR, there’s no question of cricket balls breaking windows or showpieces- this game is as safe as it gets!

CEO Nikhil Chandran told the newspaper that the game feels real in almost all aspects. It’s also a great way to work out when you can’t leave home- the only experience missing is the feeling of the bat’s weight, but the team is already focusing on enhancing that.

In addition to the application, the article discloses how we’re planning to take this VR game to malls and stores to up the ante on customer experience and user interaction. In-store ads can boost sales and intrigue customers who love nothing more than a great shopping experience.

The high-end professional version of the game is ideal for sports clubs and cricket academies who can use it to train players and simulate different playing conditions ahead of big games.

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