Topic: ‘A Fishy Saga’ Slipstream’s App Store Feature

Our 2D arcade mobile game Slipstream was featured on the App Store under ‘New Game’ and ‘Top Charts’. The deceptively simple game is made for nimble fingers and sharp minds and uses brilliant colour and design to keep the player hooked.

Slipstream was featured under the list of games for Holi, a colourful festival in India and was nicknamed ‘A Fishy Saga’ by the App Store team. This was quite the achievement- the Tiltlabs team had consciously decided to build the game for the App Store alone to see how we would fare with the stringent norms and submission guidelines for game-makers.

The TiltStudio team found building this game both challenging and rewarding. Right from building the characters and deciding on the logic to picking colours and actually building the game, it was a lesson in using your environment for inspiration and meeting challenges head-on. Slipstream performed very well on the App Store- we also generated revenue by including a premium Turbo Mode for more enthusiastic players. After its App Store success, we re-designed the game for Android users to enjoy, too.

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