Topic: Master Blaster VR Cricket Game

If you can’t make it to the cricket stadium, bring it home- that was the thought process behind building the Master Blaster VR Cricket Game. The Tiltlabs team presented a demo of this VR-powered game at Huddle Kerala, which is Asia’s largest start-up congregation.

Visitors playing the virtual game could replicate the greatest moments in cricketing history by themselves. In match mode, the VR element shifts to be driven by Artificial Intelligence, which ups the ante and increases competitive spirit by default.

The game drew a lot of attention at Huddle Kerala and Tiltlabs also had the honor of demonstration the game to the Prince of Saudi Arabia. At the event, the demonstration was not only targeted at avid gamers and VR enthusiasts but also at cricket clubs and training centers, who can use the professional mode of Master Blaster as training simulations.

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