Knowledge Sharing & Working Principles of jetEngine using VR

“Gaining Knowledge is the first step to wisdom, Sharing it is the first step to humanity…!”

Augmented Reality is one of the best platforms for sharing knowledge.  With the help of AR, we create a working model of JetEngine. Normal people are basically unaware of the working principles of these engines. Here, we build an AR experience for the same with 6DoF. 

The basic advantage of the same is that it helps the persons to virtually interact with the engine, without having the original hardware in place. Basically, it helps in integrating live data and helps in visualizing KPIs and vital parameters through control centres. We can also collaborate with different designs, demonstrations and maintenance through the same. 

This model is basically helpful for mechanics who build the jet Engines. It helps them to understand the working parts and thus, can easily develop their knowledge in this area and thus saving time and energy. In this way, we create a new world of knowledge sharing with the help of Augmented Realities.

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