AR for Machineries

The final area where we see a strong use case for AR is in manufacturing, a vertical that was among the first to embrace this new technology. Manufacturing has undergone several eras of changes and to stimulate the same, here we are creating digital twins in augmented reality and also plotting real-time data’s. It also teaches how to personally assemble things, how to connect and maintain different machinery parts, etc. 

Visualization is one of its main advantages and thus it becomes easy to showcase things to other stakeholders and thus support many features like:

  1. Voice Interaction.
  2. Real-time data.
  3. KPI Overlay.
  4. Remote assistance.
  5. Knowledge exchange and presentation.
  6. Predictive maintenance integration.
  7. Highlight Wear and Tear with real-time data.
  8. See real-time simulation with Actual Data.
  9. Physics-based analysis

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