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It’s the here and now but it is also the future- Industry 4.0 is evolution.

The fourth of its kind in the history of industrial revolutions, Industry 4.0 brings automation and data to time-old manufacturing technologies. Augmented reality technology, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems have come together in a thunderous uproar to projectile the manufacturing industry from computers in 3.0 to a smart reality and beyond. In reinventing the proverbial wheel, Industry 4.0 has introduced to the world machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, even lights-out factories with 24/7 automated production.

Industry 4.0 is what it means to do business in the age of personalization. Today, people aren’t in it for just the end product, but also the experience and the excitement. This is what makes Industry 4.0 and all its offerings so crucial to today’s hyper-personalized tech and the retail environment- and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Closer home, Industry 4.0 means Tiltlabs gets to share with you the latest and greatest of innovations and ideations in the world of AR/MR/VR technology. By making immersive technology more straightforward to understand and easier to access, Tiltlabs is placing stepping stones, for businesses big and small, towards the new Machine Age.

AR, VR and MR technologies are climbing out of simulations and digital environments and into strategies and business plans of movers, shakers and industry leaders. We live in exciting times- join in on the fun.

Entertainment & Enterprise

Reality technology is used in the entertainment industry for purposes beyond high-tech AR games. Theme parks have brought in immersive reality technologies to enhance a patron’s experience while also reducing safety risks and increasing attendance. In the music scene, festival titan Coachella has been experimenting with reality technology for a while now, having recently sent out augmented reality ‘welcome boxes’ for concert-goers to experience the festival before it even happened.

Enterprises aren’t far behind. Industry moguls have taken a keen interest in these developing technologies, implementing them in ways ranging from virtual shopping to military training to even Harry Potter-style wine moving bottle labels.

Chatbots are powering many websites across industries, effectively nipping FAQs and poor customer service in the bud. Online stores are replicating the brick-and-mortar store experience of browsing a collection and trying items on, this time through apps. Top guns like Walmart and Tyson use AR/VR-powered training programs for staff, while logistics firm UPS is employing simulations to prepare and train truck drivers. Honeywell, led by Tiltlabs, used VR to visualize the workings of OPC simulators.

In the Machine Age, there’s no industry that doesn’t need immersive reality technology. Get in touch to find out what AR, VR, and MR can do for you.

Product realization Company

A chain is only as strong as the link that holds it, a product as reliable as its design and processes. Product realization means combining technological prowess, market demand and other resources to develop product designs and back them up with the necessary manufacturing support processes. In short, it’s a process that that’s a product from conception to realization.

Even shorter- we realize visions.

At Tiltlabs, we don’t just provide VR, AR and MR technology- we craft meaningful end-to-end solutions, complete with a product realization process that will transform blueprints into tangible, market-friendly products.

Tiltlabs is so much more than a bunch of tech aficionados dabbling in immersive media. We take an idea and we convert it into business requirements, then take to the drawing board to design, plan and pick the right technology. Through this process, we’re constantly performing dipstick quality checks and regression tests. Even after we deliver the final solution, which we’re sure you’ll love, we’re on hand to help.

Our solutions are a product of exceptional industry experience, technical know-how, creative brainstorming sessions and lots of coffee. For each project, our end goal is to make a business solution as interesting, engaging and exciting as can get.

And when immersive reality and futuristic technology are involved, there’s no limit to what we can do and how much you can transform.